How to Choose the Best Decking for Your Swimming Pool In South Africa?

In the hot summers, nothing feels more refreshing than a swimming pool with a smooth finish. Successful decking around your pool provides safe swimming for swimmers. Decking around the swimming pool means that a hardscape is covering your swimming pool. Mostly the decks for the swimming pools are made from concrete. But now other choices are available for you in the market. When you deck your swimming pool, it will add value to your swimming pool. Every swimming pool is different in its shape and area. The swimming pool shape will determine how to deck it according to its requirement. Our wooden-plastic decking boards will fit every kind of swimming pool shape.  If you want to add decking around your pool, then you are at the right place. Here we are going to learn about the tips to choose the decking for your swimming pool in South Africa. What are the benefits of a deck around your pool? Just read on.


Right Decking Material Matters A Lot!

When it comes to choosing the material for your swimming pool, keep that in mind that it should be safe from every aspect. It is a common practice to walk barefoot around the swimming pool. The decking material should not absorb excess heat. The ideal material for decking around the swimming pool is that which is non-slippery. The swimming pool is the place where you and your children want to have fun and quality time. The area around the swimming pool should be safe. The material should be ideal for you as well as for your children as they are always hurrying. Keep in mind that you want comfort with safety. Swimmers with bare feet should feel the surface pleasant for walking. We offer you the material that is safe from every aspect. Our decking material not only provides a smooth finish for your swimming pool but is also safe and long-lasting.


11 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Decking Material

It is really important to choose the right decking material for your swimming pool. You should choose the material that should be attractive and will match your budget. The decking boards that are used around your swimming pool should be hard enough to resist breakage. The composite company offers you the right material that will last long. Keep the following points in mind while shopping for the material for your composite decking around the swimming pool.

  1. Safe and at the same time functional
  2. Resist the absorption of heat so that you can stand on it in hot summers
  3. long-lasting and durable
  4. Able to prevent rust
  5. Able to withstand all kinds of weather
  6. Non-slippery
  7. Resistant to insects and pests
  8. Resistant to chemicals, acids, and algae
  9. Resistant to frost and mildews
  10. The surface should not be bumpy or uneven
  11. The material must match well with the land escape

When it comes to the deck around the swimming pool, many people worry about the damage. The reason behind worrying is the long-term exposure to the sun and open environment. The right and resistant decking material is the solution to your problem. Our composite plastic decks are resistant to the absorption of moisture. It is far durable and reliable than the traditional plastic decking boards. It comes with a warranty and is resistant to staining and cleaning. You don't have to put a lot of effort into cleaning the outdoor space around your swimming pool. Our decking boards will not absorb the staining moisture. There will be no imperfections around your swimming pool.


Don’t Ignore the Surface Coating

The surface coating of the deck boards also has a great impact on your swimming pool. It should attach easily to the land surfaces. The materials in the surface coating like sand, cement, and polymer resins will cover all the aging signs of the swimming pool. A good surface coating of the decking boards will resist the pool chemicals and water. It will also be resistant to UV radiation. So, the hot summer cannot harm your decking boards around the swimming pool. A wide range of coating products is available to update your decking boards. We offer you premium surface coating decking boards.


Common Decking Materials

A wide range of materials is available in the market for decking swimming pools. Each has some specific specifications and benefits. 

  1. Wood

Wood is a good choice that provides smooth ground for your feet. All you need is a good exterior wood that will not absorb water. Your decking boards should be resistant to insects. If you want wood decking first, you will have to construct a joint floor system. The second step is to apply the decking boards. Wood decking is a good way to update the look of your swimming pool. You can also create the stairs around your swimming pools with wood decks. Our Classic Composite Decking Board (Brown) is a good option to increase the beauty of your swimming pool.

  1. Poured Concrete

Poured concrete has been a traditional option for decking swimming pools for centuries. You can shape the poured concrete according to your choice. It is a reliable material for decking boards. It will resist the water so you will not feel any slippery surface. It is an affordable product for decking your swimming pool.  It allows the swimmers to walk comfortably without the risk of slipping. The poured concrete is among the most used decking material. The composite company will make the decking of the swimming pool safe. You can structure it in different ways to gain a neat and clean finish.

  1. Tiles

You can choose the same tile for the overall look of the swimming pool. The other option is to enhance the beauty of your swimming pool with multiple tiles. Various types of tiles are available in the market but, the best is the one that is non-slippery.

  1.  Wood Plastic Composite

The deck boards made from plastic are waterproof. Plastic decking boards do not have anything for insects. They don't attract insects, and in this way, they are safe. The plastic deck boards will also look natural around your swimming pool. Co-Extrusion Composite Decking Board (Light Grey) gives a natural and hard finish look around the swimming pool. You can elevate the beauty of your swimming pool with our decking boards. Be sure to check the decking boards here.


Top 6 Benefits of Composite Pool Decking

  1. Composite decking done in the right way increases the overall beauty of the swimming pool. You can spend sunny days with a beautiful view. Our good-looking decking materials will increase the aesthetic look of your swimming pool. You can enjoy yourself with your family on the sunny days around your swimming pool.
  2. It is a cost-effective way to have protection for your family members. What is better than having a pool area that is safe and beautiful? A well-designed deck compliments the environment around your swimming pool.
  3. If you have a space around your swimming pool, a pool deck can provide an area to have quality time with friends. You can sit in this area while your children are swimming. It's a good way to keep an eye on them.
  4. The colors of our composite deck will add value to the blue color of the water. The beautiful pool will enhance the overall look of your outdoor area.
  5. Another main advantage of composite decking around the swimming pool is that it keeps the swimming pool clean. Decking boards significantly reduces the amount of dust and germs that your bare feet add to the swimming pool.
  6. Just suppose you want to sell your home. A good-looking swimming pool with composite decks increases the value of your property.


Why is The Composite Company Best for Decking Your Swimming Pool in South Africa?

Have a look at our decking boards that are available in both light and dark shades. In the super-hot region of South Africa, we offer a material that is resistant to heat. There is no need to worry about the effects of weather to disturb the beauty of your swimming pool. We aim to combine the advantages of beauty and functionality. Other traditional composite decks are not resistant to heat and can damage easily. We will enhance the beauty of your swimming pool by giving an extra finish.


Final Thoughts

The composite decking around the swimming pool creates a charming look. With a few things to keep in mind, you can make the space around the swimming pool beautiful. It increases the aesthetic look and, you can enjoy the summer days with family and friends. Our decking boards are attractive and have functional advantages. Choose the material that best suits the surroundings of the swimming pool. If you want to sell your property, our decking boards will increase the value. So, what are you waiting for? Do the composite decking around your swimming pool for a soothing environment.

Do you find this write-up helpful in choosing the appropriate composite decking material for your swimming pool? Do let us know in the comment section below. Be sure to The Composite Company for amazing Wood Plastic Composite Decking boards.

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