How to choose the best decking for around your swimming pool in South Africa

Are you ready to make your backyard pool a reality? Learn how to pick pool decking properly and give your pool a trendy and stylish look by reading our article below.

Summers in South Africa may be scorching, but not everyone can afford to construct a standard swimming pool at their home or business complex. Above-ground pools are an excellent choice due to their affordability and ease of installation. Additionally, they come in a variety of forms and sizes, and the raised sides make them safer (which are harder for little ones to climb).

By adding decking around the perimeter and up the sides of an above-ground pool, you can make it into a stunning highlight of your home.

Pool decking is a time-honored tradition that significantly enhances the value of a home. It provides an unmatched visual enhancement and increases the value of a pool. A wooden deck encircling a pool draws attention to the space and separates it from the rest of the complex, imparting a sense of natural beauty. Other possibilities for pool decks include concrete and stones, but wood continues to be an exceedingly gorgeous option due to its many benefits.

A wooden pool deck is unlike any other kind of wood decking installation. Due to the project's one-of-a-kind nature, it must be executed properly to reap the greatest rewards. When building the ideal wooden pool deck, there are various variables to consider.

Whether you already have a pool and are looking to enhance it with a wooden deck or are still planning your property, there are a few things you should know about wooden pool decks, which this post will discuss. Continue reading for a comprehensive overview of the pre-project considerations. Our talk will begin with the benefits of wooden pool decking.

How To Select The Best Material For A Deck

Backyard enjoyment is unquantifiable. However, you can put a price on the backyard pool you've been fantasizing about after a summer spent in the searing heat. In-ground pools are often rather expensive, costing between R100,000 and R300,000 on average. With such a large sum of money at stake, shouldn't you choose construction goods that would protect and support your investment? That is what we believe.

When considering elements such as safety and durability, high-traffic areas, such as a pool surround, demand extra consideration. In the past, durable materials such as concrete were a popular option for pool applications, even though they may be hot to the touch, dull in color, extremely slippery, and fractured with time. To create a more durable and safe pool deck surface, seasoned builders and do-it-yourselfers are turning to wood substitutes such as composite and PVC.

Choosing Low-maintenance Options Is A Wise Choice

Composite decking options have several features that contribute to their low-maintenance nature. For one thing, its moisture-resistant characteristics defend against the impacts of weathering. To continue its mission of low-maintenance, Fortress designs boards with a revolutionary I-beam form that maximizes airflow. This geometric form creates greater breathing space between individual boards and minimizes moisture damage.

Benefits of Having A Wooden Pool Deck?

To begin, a swimming pool cannot exist without a deck; it is a necessary component of a pool's construction. Apart from the fact that the deck brings value in and of itself, the following are some of its benefits:

  1. Because wood is softer than stones and concrete, it is a superior option for swimmer safety. When humans get wet, they become slick, and a fall on a hardwood deck causes less harm than a fall on a concrete or stone deck. This is particularly beneficial for infants and little children.
  2. Wooden decks have a natural appearance and will blend nicely with your property's surroundings. This will result in a naturally beautiful statement.
  3. If there is sufficient space around the pool, the wooden deck may serve as an additional area for leisure and enjoyment at any time of day or night. The deck may also feature a covered area for sitting and watching others, enhancing your compound's pleasure of the outside lifestyle.
  4. The wooden deck may be extended as a wooden bridge over the pool, depending on the design of your pool and your particular preferences.
  5. Additionally, the wooden deck will assist in keeping your pool clean by acting as a barrier between the pool and the rest of the yard, eliminating some of the dirt and grass accumulated at users' feet and preventing it from being transported to the pool.

Which Wooden Decking Styles Are Available?

Wooden decks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just as pools do. Comparing wood to concrete, it is a softer substance. It is often simpler for installers to cut and sew them to fit your pool and desired aesthetic. While deciding on the sort of wooden deck for your house, it is essential to collaborate with the installers to create the ideal design.

Typically, the design will be determined by the pool and the overall appearance of the yard. Because wood is a natural material, it blends in rather readily with its surroundings. Due to their relative softness, they may be cut in any pattern and utilised to create any design that complements any environment or landscape.

Additionally, the trees may be utilized to construct a path connecting the pool to your home or other portions of the estate. The wood may also be used for other types of buildings, so you can have seats, tables, and even flower boxes created from the same material as the pool decking. With a wooden pool deck, there is almost no limit to the stylistic options.

Best Material For A Pool Deck?

Not all woods are suitable for deck construction, and even fewer are suitable for pool deck construction. While a wooden pool deck is a significant undertaking with tremendous potential, when done incorrectly, it may have a slew of drawbacks that result in economic waste. Certain timbers are appropriate for the job and are often treated to prevent further peeling and blistering.

You must ensure that the installers will utilize environmentally friendly products. Contrary to popular belief, sustainability is not synonymous with toughness. While the materials must be durable, their influence on the local surroundings and the surrounding region should also be addressed before approval for installation.

You must bear in mind that the pool (water) will have an influence on everything around it, including the deck, and so the material must be robust enough to endure the harsh effects of water and other features of the pool's surroundings, including human traffic. Additionally, you should inquire about the materials' upkeep requirements. Numerous types of wood decking need little upkeep during their lifetime.

How Often Should A Wooden Pool Deck Be Maintained?

As previously said, the lumber used to construct a wooden pool deck is robust and capable of withstanding the effects of the pool. They are often treated with a protective coating to increase their durability. It will often endure many years but will eventually lose part of its luster. Maintenance is necessary to preserve the original appearance. Regular deck oiling and small repairs may assist preserve the hardwood deck in excellent shape for an extended period.

What Other Factors Should You Take Into Account?

There are a few other factors to consider before hiring wooden deck installers to work on your poolside deck. The deck is not just a piece of flooring; it is an integral element of the surrounding environment. Additionally, to maintain consistency, the project might include some additional yard decorations.

Additionally, privacy gates, pool blinds, change spaces, shade overhangs, and sitting areas may be considered and placed in the same material as the deck for a unified appearance. Not only will incorporating the projects improve the aesthetics of your house, but it will also provide some economic benefits.

As a general rule, a wooden pool deck should have the following additional features:

  1. It should be safe to walk barefoot on a wet surface (it should not be slippery).
  2. It should seem natural and mix in with the surroundings.
  3. It should tolerate heat and not get too hot for the foot under hot weather conditions.
  4. Additionally, it should be constructed using rust-proof nails and screws.

Who Should Construct Your Pool's Wooden Deck?

Never entrust your job to untrustworthy wooden deck installers. Even with the best materials and equipment, an inexperienced contractor may wreak havoc on your pool and project. Keep an eye out for contractors that are reputable and have expertise in installing wooden decks. Only trustworthy contractors will deliver on your expectations.


There are so numerous diverse sorts of choices when it comes to building pool environment, even though there are parts of distinctive reasons why wood decking is the right material for you. A hardwood pool deck is an excellent project that will undoubtedly add value to your home. To get the most out of it, keep all of the factors listed in mind and work with a competent installation to dramatically increase the value of your property. Buy the best pool decking from The Composite Company right now.


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