How to Choose the Best Deck Wood for Your Project?

The classic look of deck wood is a quintessential and practical addition to all kinds of your projects. A perfectly installed spacious deck is not only a perfect place for all your family gatherings but also increases the elegance of your residence. There are many kinds of deck wood available in the decking industry, each having its own pros and cons. Composite deck wood is an overall valuable material and provides a great alternative to traditional hardwood. You have decided to install a deck for practical and cosmetic benefits. You are ready to build a deck and have all the tools for the construction process. You are done with planning, and you have selected the design of the deck.  Now, it's time to pay careful consideration to different types of deck wood for the best decision.

Each kind of deck wood specie has its pros for different projects. Here we have a complete guide for you that will help you in the selection of deck wood for your project. Without any further delay, let's get into it.

  1. Search on Popular Choices Available

There are pros and cons of different deck wood species, so it's important to know the details of all the options. The soft deck wood species don't withstand the weight of your accessories and furniture. If you want to want to install the furniture on your deck for sitting purposes, then it's a bad option. Softwood deck specie is treated with preservative chemicals for its durability. These chemicals are not environmentally friendly and secrete harmful toxins in the surroundings. Composite deck wood is a popular choice for all kinds of outdoor projects, furniture, dining tables, and accessories. What makes composite deck wood durable and strong for all kinds of projects?

The Composite Company has a unique collection of the best quality composite decking boards that are best for all kinds of outdoor projects. Our finest manufacturing process in the series of high-quality steps has generated the decking boards with a polymer capped sheath. You can purchase a fine range of composite deck wood from here at a cost-effective price. 

If we talk about the hardwood, it gives you a tough time in installation. More so, the durability and sustainability of hardwoods are not according to the price tag.

Another option is pressure-treated wood which has high-maintenance needs and requires cleaning with a pressure washer after short intervals. With time, it will shrink, and your deck will lose its structural integrity. The preservative chemicals used for its durability lead to infection in the different corners of the deck. These drawbacks of pressure-treated wood do not make it an ideal deck wood choice for those who have little ones. Direct contact with the infectious chemical can cause harm to your little ones and pets.  

  1. Look for Eco-Friendly Product

With technological innovation, the construction sector all around the globe aims to generate products that could have positive effects on the environment. When you want to install a product in your outdoor space, you need to consider its environmental effects seriously. Your outdoor deck is a place for family gatherings and friends' dining. You will spend a lot of quality hours with kids and parents. Do you want that your loved one to get infected by the toxic chemical? The answer is obviously no. The pressure-treated wood and soft wood come on the market with different harmful preservatives used for their durability.

When selecting deck wood material, sustainability and environmental factors are important considerations. Composite deck wood is the only material in the decking industry that leaves no harmful impacts on the environment. Firstly, its manufacturing process doesn't require organic wood. It is the synthetic form of deck wood that is a combination of recycled wood fibers and plastic. Additionally, we happily announce that we have used no chemicals or harmful preservatives in our manufacturing processes. It comes with a warranty of 25 years, so there will be no harmful and toxic effects on the environment in the long run.

In the manufacturing of our composite products, we used recycled resources that saved a lot of trees. Our recycling process has saved the environment, and instead of disrupting the natural ecosystem, we utilize these materials in our sustainable products.    

  1. Install A Durable and Strong Material

Homeowners who have installed the traditional deck wood are aware of the price tag and hassle of upkeep. If you want to install the most durable material, then composite decking can do the job for your project. The composite deck wood is a combination of two materials fused for durability and sustainability. The basic composition of composite material is capped polymer and capped wood plastic which makes it strong enough for all kinds of projects. Durability and sustainability are two important considerations in the selection of the best deck wood.

The composite decking will go in the long run of 25 years with just a little maintenance. What makes composite deck wood the most long-lasting and durable option in the industry? The answer is the polymer capped sheath that makes it resistant to wrapping, splitting, and insect damage. The Composite Company places a strong emphasis on the durability and sustainability of all our composite products.

  1. Consider Long-Term Maintenance

The composite deck wood offers the natural look of timber in the synthetic form. You will love to have the natural beauty of wood in your outdoor space without downfalls and maintenance. Do you have an idea that the cleaning procedure of composite deck wood is also eco-friendly? Composite deck wood only requires a solution of mild soap and water for the removal of stains and debris, whereas the other traditional deck wood materials require chemical cleaners, sealants, and preservatives for the upkeep look. All the range of sustainable and cost-effective composite decking boards is available here.

  1. Must Consider Warranty

Does the deck come with a warranty? The answer is yes, if you have the composite as a deck wood material, it will cover your investment. The fact is that the warranty of a deck wood ensures that you have invested in the right material. The warranty is not only about the lifespan of deck wood. As long as the product provides you with cosmetic benefits, it is reliable. The hardwood and softwood don't come with a warranty and lose their color after some years of installation. The biggest thing before selecting the deck wood for your project is to hire a reputable brand for your project.

The longevity of your deck depends on the material, weather conditions, and maintenance schedule. The benefit of selecting the best brand for your deck is that your deck will remain stable in all kinds of situations. The deck woodwarranties are only validated as long as the decking is installed and structured properly. When you fail to install your deck properly, a deck will lose its warranty. A guide on how to deck your house like a pro will help you to avail the validity and warranty of our composite products.


Trust The Composite Company for Best Deck Wood

Are you ready to build a beautiful deck with the leading brand of decking suppliers in South Africa? We aim to provide you with reliable and durable decking boards that can uplift the beauty of your outdoor space. We have deck wood that will give you the beauty of timber in the synthetic form. We have composite products available in different colors and textures and are suitable for all kinds of your projects. All the range of our composite products from the composite decking boards to the pergola beams have great sustainability and durability.

The best thing about our composite decking boards is that they come with heat-resistant feature and keeps your outdoor atmosphere cool and cozy. The capped polymer sheath acts like a barrier and prevents the absorption of heat. We aim to keep your atmosphere cool and pleasant with all the range of our composite products. You will love the results of capped composite decking board in timber shade in your outdoor space. It will give you the natural beauty of wood in the synthetic form and keeps your life easy in terms of maintenance.


Final Thoughts

When you are on the way to selecting the best deck wood for your project, you need to keep several considerations in mind. First of all, you have to know the details of the decking material of the industry. A range of options in the market confuses homeowners in the selection of the best material. The composite deck is the best option for your different projects as it is a durable, long-lasting, and reliable product. From the elegant shades of brown to the modern cool colors of grey, all the range of composite deck wood is available here.

Feel free to contact The Composite Company for superior composite deck wood. We will love to serve you with the finest quality composite decking boards. Don't forget to give your comments in the comment section below. 


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