How to choose the Best Deck Solution In 2022

Are you looking towards how to find the best deck solution for refreshing your deck? The outdoor decks have lots of traffic that include spilled particles of food, molds, and stains. When you design your building with a deck, it gives many advantages to your space. But if we talk about care and maintenance, certain things should be kept in mind before selecting a deck material for your space. When it comes to how to clean deck boards, look at the pros and cons of the material. Composite decking gives you relief in terms of cleaning and maintenance. You don't only have to look for routine cleaning; you should need to know about the cleaning procedures that you need to do on a regular basis. Composite decks provide easy maintenance in all aspects. You don't have to buy expensive deck solutions for its cleaning. How to select the right deck solutions? Which deck solution can do the job for you? Let's discuss tackling cleaning that will keep your deck in great shape. Be with us, and in the end, you will get to know all about the best deck solutions. Keep reading.

Select the Best Deck solution

Before selecting the deck solution, there are certain points to keep in mind.

  1. The deck solution should be gentle to your decking boards. Additionally, it should not change the color of your decking.
  2. Make sure that it should not leave its color on the decking boards
  3. The selection of the deck solution also depends on which type of dirty agent you want to clean. If your decking boards are in the outdoor space, certain things can make them dirty
  4. You can select that which kind of deck solution can work best according to the dirty agents. The right company's decking boards require minimal cleaning. The Composite Company's decking boards are easy to maintain. With a simple deck solution, they will go in the long run.

6 Best Deck Solution Ideas

Here we are going to share a few deck solutions guide with you. You can select the right one by keeping the above points in mind. 

  1. Rinse and clean your Deck

The basics of reviving the deck are straightforward. You can clean and stain it and repeat the process. This solution might require several days to complete the process. You will have to do it after a few years for the maintenance of decks. This deck solution has a huge payoff! When you are done with this deck solution, you will notice the result of your hard work. Your decking boards will look great as they were on the first day. You can avail the service of a pressure washer for the cleaning of your deck. Pressure washers are available in electric and gas versions. The pressure washer will save you from too much labor work.

The accumulation of algae, grime, and moss can make it dangerous to walk on the deck. Be sure to keep this deck solution on top of the maintenance. Clean the gaps between the decking boards. When you clean the gaps, it prevents the rainwater from accumulating and discourages the growth of algae. If the rainfall is more frequent in your area, you have to apply this deck solution once a year. It depends on your conditions which deck solution can work best for you.

  1. Paint Decks with non-slip coating

It is the deck solution that will give you two benefits. First of all, it will clean your deck boards. Additionally, it will make your deck boards non-slippery. You can easily walk on it with your little ones. If you feel that your deck boards are dangerous to walk after cleaning, then this deck solution is for you. You can get benefits from stains that will increase the look of decks as well as give tons of grip. This deck solution is more durable than slip paints. Moreover, anti-slip decking stains discourage the growth of harmful slippery organic material.

  1. Go with a textured Deck

Do you want to update your ropey and rotten deck? This deck solution will not only give an elegant look to your space but protection. You can choose this deck solution as a precautionary measure. The surface of this deck solution is textured, not smooth. The textured surface makes your deck boards non-slippery. The textured decks are safer, but they are also more prone to algae. So, if you want to avail anti-slip effectiveness, then make sure to keep its cleaning a priority. The Composite Company decking boards require minimal maintenance. You can clean them with simple soap and water solution. As our decking boards are resistant to moisture, so they are not slippery.

  1. Add a cover to your Deck

Covered decking boards are becoming one of the popular deck solution ideas. If you are in an area where the damaging agents are more like algae, pool water and fungus are. Then you can go with this deck solution. You can choose the cover of your deck according to the size of the decking boards. You can easily throw fallen leaves by removing the cover of your deck. Additionally, you should keep the material of the decking cover in mind. Be sure to select the decking cover that can withstand the severity of hot and cold weather.

This deck solution can protect all your decking areas. It will provide shade to your garden furniture as well as other accessories. It will keep the garden furniture in good condition as they are covered. The selection of the right deck solution can make your space look safe for years. For the selection of the right deck solutions, it's important to look at the surrounding conditions.

  1. Cover your Deck with tiles

Go for this deck solution as a cover for your deck. Instead of covering or recoating your old decks with paints, place new wood or other kinds of tiles on your decks. There are many kinds of tiles available in the market. You just have to lay them down on the deck boards and snap them together. If you are installing plastic grids under the tiles, it will keep the airflow. This will prevent the wood from rotting. The right decking boards will give a new finish with just a simple deck solution. Check out the amazing features of Capped Composite Decking Board in brown color by The Composite Company.

  1. Deck Restoration Coatings

It is like a thick coat of paint to give a new life to your ugly decks. Once the coating of the paint is dried, it gives the appearance of composite decking. There are some important precautions before selecting the paints for your decks. The deck coats must be long-lasting, and they should not peel off. It is important to follow the instructions mentioned on the pack. Following the instructions will reduce the chance of damage to your decking boards. On the other hand, it will keep you safe as well.


Tips to keep in mind while choosing the Best Deck solution

  1. Choose the deck solution that is safe for your plants. Anything that harms the beauty of your plants can decrease the elegance of your space. The use of toxic chemicals or harsh material can damage decking boards and also the plants around them. The choice is to use an eco-friendly deck solution. The Composite Company always makes eco-friendly decking boards. The reason is that we don't want to harm the environment in which we are living.
  2. When you are cleaning your decking boards, make sure to wear gloves. The cleaners contain different kinds of toxic material that can cause irritation and itching to the skin. For the safety of the skin, it is important to wear gloves while mixing and applying the solution. If the splash of the solution gets onto your skin, immediately rinse it with water
  3. Keep your decking cleaning solution out of the reach of children. It is not something to play with. Whether your deck cleaner is homemade or from the market, it can harm your little ones. Be sure to store it in a place that is out of reach of children.


Bottom Line

Reviving the decks with the best deck solution can give new life to your space. The exterior of the residence is a space that is more prone to damaging agents. If you choose the right deck solution, it can do the right job for you. It depends on the condition of your decking boards and the surrounding which deck solution can work best for you. Here at, The Composite Company, we aim to provide the best decking boards. Our decking boards are long-lasting and durable. With just a little maintenance, they will go in the long run. These all qualities make us the best decking suppliers across South Africa.

If you want to clean your deck and look for the best solution in 2022, we hope that this write-up is helpful in your search. Feel free to contact us for the best decking boards in South Africa.

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