Decking Wood in South Africa: Top 5 Types of Decking in South Africa

So have you decided to install the decks on your outdoor exterior? Well, You are at the right place.The next step is to select the right decking material according to the requirements of your space. Outdoor decking provides you with a spot for entertaining, enjoying, and relaxing. A great deck in your garden or backyard leaves a positive impact on your guests. If you are searching for the best deck material that suits your needs and budget in South Africa, here is all the detail you need to know. Only the right material can elevate the beauty of your space to the next level. There are many kinds of decking material available in the market. What are the options available in South Africa? Here we have listed the types of decking wood in South Africa. Read the whole article, and in the end, you will be able to decide the right decking material. Just be with us. 


 Top 5 Types of Decking Wood in South Africa

  1. Composite Decking

If you want to have a natural look in your space, then all you need is composite decking. It gives a natural look, the same as the wood. The composite decking is a combination of plastic and wood fibers. There are many advantages that composite decking will provide you. The composite decking not only looks good but also gives some functional benefits to your space. When it comes to safety, composite decking takes the lead.

Do you want to install the decks around your swimming pool? Composite decking is the right material for the space around your swimming pool. The composite decking doesn't absorb moisture, so you safely walk around your swimming pool. The little one can safely walk on the composite decking. Composite decking won't splinter or rot. The Composite Company has many options for you. We have a wide range of composite decking boards. Our decking boards not only look good but are also long-lasting. The classic composite decking board in light grey color can increase the beauty of your garden to the next level.

  1. Wood Decking

Wood decking is the most common decking material in the decking industry. The wood decking requires annual cleaning. There are a lot of requirements for wood decking. You have to clean it after regular intervals. There are chances that it can rot, splinter, and wrap. It requires regular maintenance to keep it long-lasting. After some time, all types of wood change the color to grey. It is important to re-stain the wood decking after regular intervals.

  1. Tropical Hardwood Decking

It is a durable decking material option. Tropical hardwoods are an expensive decking material. The texture of hardwood requires a lot of effort for the installation. Also, you have to pay a lot of cost for the installation of hardwoods decking. In a hot region like South Africa, hardwood decking is a bit difficult to handle. The reason is hardwoods absorb a lot of heat. It will heat up like a frying pan, and you cannot walk on it.

  1. Plastic Decking

There is no wood in the PVC vinyl decking. This type of decking material requires occasional cleaning. It doesn't have a similar appearance to the wood. The price of plastic decking varies according to the material and quality. But generally, it is a more expensive option than composite decking. The plastic decking requires a more complex fastening system. It is a little bit difficult to install plastic decking. Plastic decking is more prone to stains and scratches. After a short duration of time, the molds will grow on the plastic decking. Most homeowners complain about the traditional plastic decking companies claim. They claim that the plastic decking will go in the long run. But after some time, the decks deteriorate.

  1. Aluminum Decking

It is the least known option in the decking industry. Most people don't have any idea about aluminum decking. It is a lighter and durable option than wood and plastic decking. The aluminum decks can be recycled. So, the aluminum decks will go in the long run. A major drawback of aluminum is that it is the most expensive decking material option. When you walk bare feet on the aluminum decking, it creates a lot of noise. Aluminum decking absorbs moisture, so it is not safe to walk on it on a rainy day. Aluminum decking doesn't give a natural look like wood. When it comes to the look, it depends on personal preferences. If you want to have a natural look like wood, then aluminum decking is not for you.


Why Composite Decking is A Superior Choice Decking Wood in South Africa?

Composite decking has gained much popularity in the last few years. The reason is that it has many advantages that differentiate it from other decking material options. It is hard to compete with the advantages of composite decking. Here we are going to discuss some major advantages of composite decking that make it a premium choice.

  1. Available in a variety of colors

Composite decking is available in both light and dark shades. You can choose the shade according to the theme of your outdoor space. The Composite Company has many options for composite decking boards. An appealing feature of composite decking is that the color will remain the same after years. You don’t have to repaint it every year.

  1. Composite decking is splinters free

If you have kids or older adults at your home, then safety is your top priority. If you are installing composite decking in your space, then there is no need to worry. You can safely walk on the decking boards without worrying about the cracks and splinters. All the decking boards of The Composite Company are splinter & rot free. Your safety is our top priority. The traditional companies only want to increase the sales percentages. We aim to make composite decking boards that will give you safety, beauty, and elegance at the same time. These all features make us the superior choice in South Africa.

  1. Composite decking is super durable

The composite decking is worth the cost of investment as it is super durable. The decking space is a point for all the family gatherings and events. It should be strong enough to bear the pressure of furniture and other accessories. The composite decking takes the lead in durability from other decking material options. The Composite Company's decking boards have exceptional strength due to the premium manufacturing processes. Our composite decking boards are strong enough to resist wear and tear for many years.

  1. It’s maintenance-free

Homeowner wants something that requires less energy and time in maintenance. The composite decking is almost maintenance-free. You don't have to spend hours in the time taking cleaning procedures. There is no need to repaint or re-stain the composite decking boards. For a good appearance, you only have to do light washing. Unlike other decking materials that require regular cleaning, composite decking requires minimal maintenance. You just have to do spot treatment for the removal of dust particles. The gorgeous color will remain the same with just minimal maintenance. You can easily wash your composite decking boards with our composite deck cleaner.

  1. Composite decking is budget-friendly

What is better than having an amazing look cost-effectively? The composite decking is friendly to your pocket. You just have to pay for the initial cost. Other decking material options require regular ongoing maintenance procedures. You have to pay again and again for their look. In the case of composite decking, you have to pay only once. It will add value to your residence by just a little investment. The Composite Company's decking boards are available at a reasonable price. You can elevate the beauty of your residence by just investing a little cost.

  1. Composite decking is eco-friendly

Composite decking is the most environment-friendly decking material. Composite decking leaves no negative impact on the environment. It is made from recycled material. There are many environmental benefits that composite decking provides. You have to install the composite decking once. The wood and plastic decks require to be replaced after short intervals. But it is not the case with composite decking. When it comes to the comparison of composite decking with other decking materials, it is a green choice.


Best Decking Wood in South Africa: Final Thoughts

Composite decking is becoming the favorite decking wood in South Africa of homeowners due to its many advantages. There are many options available in the decking market, but each has its cons. The composite decking takes the lead in all options available due to the numerous benefits. The composite decking requires only occasional cleaning. The composite decking color will not fade in extreme heat. The composite decking is easy to install, and there is no need for complex fastening systems. The Composite Company’s decking boards are best in every aspect. Our composite decking boards will go in the long run with a warranty of 25 years. These all features of the composite decking boards make us the superior choice.


Do you find this article helpful in selecting the right decking material? Do let us know in the comment section below. Be sure to visit our site for some amazing decking boards. Feel free to contact us.




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