Decking Planks Prices: Average cost of Decking Planks in South Africa in 2022

Are you looking towards providing an additional layer of support to your space? Just suppose you installed composite decking. What is your main concern? We always want a long-lasting and durable product. The planks have made their way into the decking industry over the past few years. There are many reasons for their popularity in the decking industry. One of the main functional advantages is that they provide an additional layer of support. Planks are also known as joists and make the surface of the deck board. Just be with us, and in the end, you will get the concept of planks. What are planks? What is the decking plank price? How do planks provide advantages to the decking material? What is the best material? The Composite Company has always introduced decking boards with high quality. Just keep reading, and in the last, you will get to know about all the details.

What is Decking Planks?

Decking planks are usually utilized on beam structures. They are installed with wide or flat surfaces. The most functional purpose of the deck plank is to provide structural support to the roofs, floors, and other decking material. Now, you may think that what planks are made from? Decking Plank is manufactured from different wood species. Depending on the wood species, decking plank is preserved with different kinds of chemicals. Decking plank is suitable for both types of weather conditions. You can either install them in wet or dry conditions. You can use deck spikes or nails to fix the adjacent pieces of the plank decking. You can also utilize different kinds of utensils to fasten the deck plank  to its supporting system. Composite decking T-clip hidden fastener can do the job for you.

When it comes to the grade of decking plank, it is available in two kinds of grades. They are named commercial grade and select grade. The quality of the select grade is more. The select grade also takes the lead in quality, appearance, and stiffness. When we want to install anything in our space, we are always more concerned about its requirements. When it comes to the wrapping and shrinkage of the decking plank, it should be dried enough. In the manufacturing process, to resist shrinkage, the moisture content should be less than 19%. All you need is a quality name to get the benefits in the long run. The Composite Company always serves their clients with the best. Our goal is to provide style with elegance. All of our composite decking boards are unique and stylish on their own. We don't want to increase our sales but to serve you with premium quality. These all features make us the best choice in South Africa. The material of the decking boards that we provide differentiates us from other traditional companies in the region.

Cost of decking planks

What is the most concerning thing about a material? The price that we are about to invest. When you want to install the plank decking, you should do the proper research before investing. Most of the companies just want to increase the graph of the sale. Their only aim is to make a profit from your pocket. Just imagine that you have invested in the company, and you don't get the benefits. The solution to this problem is that you should rely on the best name in the region. The Composite Company has always made its mark with the best quality and style.

When you are in the online market of decking plank, there are many things to consider. The average person may not have enough knowledge about decking planks. The best decision can give you many benefits like durability and sustainability. In long run, you will get a strong, safe, and resilient plank decking. The cost of the deck plank boards varies from time to time. If we come to the estimated price, it's approximately R950 included value-added tax. Our decking boards can withstand conditions like high moisture and dirt. Another amazing feature of our decking material is that it is resistant to corrosion. Without the need for repair, your decking material stays the same in beauty and style.

Decking Plank prices are according to size, width, and length. With the dimension of 5800mm x 140mm x 22mm, the average estimate of the cost is R950. The decking plank price also depends on the area you want to cover. The larger the area, the more the material. Different companies have different sizes of decking boards. Our decking boards are easy to install. You can do the fixation with a little effort. The Composite Company's decking boards can mold according to your requirement.

When we look for the price of the decking material in South Africa, The Composite Company always gets the lead. All of our decking materials are cost-effective, and everyone can truly take the composite decking benefits in a budget-friendly way. You can make the best choice by choosing the right decking material.  All you have to do is to choose the best decking boards, and you will see the difference.

Benefits of Decking Planks

There are several reasons how decking planks can add value to your space, project, or residence. Decking planks can increase the durability of your space to the next level. Without rusting or cracking, you can enjoy the space for a long time. Additionally, we all desire a material that can last without much time and energy.

Without cracking, wrapping, and twisting, you can enjoy multiple functional advantages. The reason that why plank decking is durable is that it will not absorb moisture. It is the feature that makes it an ideal option for installation. Are you looking for the best and durable decking boards? The Composite Company is known for its durability. We are always ready to serve with the decking boards in both dark and light shades. There are many options available from which you can choose. All are best in their features. It depends on your requirement and choice of what kind of decking you want. Our classic composite decking board has always satisfied the customers with its look and finishing. If you want a natural look of wood, then it is a premium choice for your space.

Decking planks not only provides support to your space but adds value. With the stylish decking boards, you make your residence look beautiful in a very unique way. All you have to do is to choose the best decking boards according to your preference. Most people don't have any idea what decking planks can do for them. If you are someone who wants beauty and function at the same, then you should select The Composite Company. Our decking boards are resistant to different exterior forces. These all features make them best for your outdoor exterior.

When it comes to the safety of our loved ones, we are always more concerned about it. Decking planks are safe in every aspect. It will not crack or splinter, so you can freely enjoy the beauty of the decking boards without any worry. The Composite Company always make sure to make safe decking boards for our clients. The goal is to provide style with safety. Our decking boards are resistant to cracks, so your children are safe to walk on. You will get safety, elegance, and style at the same by choosing The Composite Company.

Our decking material is the best choice for your next decking project. You will not face the worry of decaying or fading of colors. The color of our decking boards comes with lasting beauty that will remain the same after years. If you are looking towards the grey decking boards, then we have the right board for you. Our classic composite decking board in grey color is ready to enhance the beauty of your space.  With a warranty of 25 years, we offer the best decking material. You will receive multiple benefits in the long run. The decking planks provides support to your space. So, if you want extra support, then our decking planks are for you.


Final Thoughts

Decking planks prices vary according to the requirement of the space. There are many options available in the market that offers you the decking plank material. Many of them charge you more. The average approximation of the decking plank price is R900. For the best results, you need premium material with the best installation. The Composite Company's decking boards offer you many advantages. Our happy customers are our pride. We always want to make them happy with the best decking boards. Our decking material is not only stylish but gives many advantages that most decking materials don't provide. We also protect the environment with eco-friendly materials. These all features of our decking boards make us the premium option across the region.

Do you find this write-up helpful in knowing about the prices of our decking planks? Do give your precious opinions in the comment section below. Be sure to visit our site for the amazing decking material.

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