Decking Planks Price per M2 in South Africa

One of the essential factors that everyone needs to consider while building a deck is how much does it cost? This ultimately helps you plan appropriately for your project and prevent you from finding yourself in over your head. 

So as you search for decking planks per M2 costs and prices, here is all you need to know about pricing. 

An astounding array of decking boards and planks is available for sale today. All modern designs and materials are a testament to the innovation and creativity coming from the industry. Still, fortunately, some tried-and-true products have stood the test of time. 

While wood is no longer the only material available to you, the most popular option is still composite decking materials.

Composite decking is great for people who have a lovely yard and want to protect it from damage. Plus, decks can make your house look nicer on the inside because of the natural lighting the sun brings through. The trend of decking among homeowners is growing in South Africa tremendously. 

The Composite Company is one of the leading and most trusted Composite Decking Suppliers in South Africa. We use top-quality wood, bamboo & plastic in our products so that we can offer decks at affordable prices.


Why Do Most Building Experts Recommend Composite Decking Over Any Other Type of Decking? 

Composite decking is recommended because this type of decking is a composite material made from wood fibers bonded together with plastic resin, which creates a fabric with some of the best properties of wood and plastic at budget friendly costs.

Treated lumber can be used for decks, but construction experts do not recommend it because it is not as strong as composite decking materials. Composite decking materials resist cracking, splintering, and rotting better than treated lumber. 

Composite decking also requires less maintenance because it resists staining and fading better than lumber. Because composite decking resists moisture damage better than wooden planks, many building experts recommend composite decking for high-moisture areas like the Pacific Northwest and the Gulf Coast.

Composite decking is more expensive than treated lumber, but in the long run, you might save money on maintenance costs with composite decking because it lasts longer, requiring less maintenance in the future.


Which Factors Should Be Consider Before Buying Decking Planks?

Nowadays, there are many decking planks in the market. They are made of different materials and have different prices. But how do you know what is the best decking for your money? Should you choose wood or composite? What is the difference between them? And which material do you think is better to use? Before buying decking planks, you should consider these factors:


What Is The Purpose Of Purchasing Decking Planks?

What are you planning to do with your deck? You can choose either wood or composite planks according to your needs. If you want to build a playhouse for your kids, wood is a good choice. It is easy to cut and sand and can be painted in any color. But if you want to build a garden area, composite planks are the best choice because they are waterproof and UV-resistant.


Which Type of Material Should Be Chosen?

If choosing between wood and composite decking, we would recommend composite ones because they are more durable than wood planks. Some people like using exotic woods such as teak or mahogany, but they don't stand moisture well, so it's better to avoid them if you live in an area where it rains often.


What Should Be The Size And Thickness Of Decking Planks?

The size and thickness depend on how long your planks are going to be in contact with soil and water, which means that if they are going to be subject to those weather conditions, they should be made of material that is more resistant to moisture, like cedar or treated wood. 

Thickness depends on where the planks will be placed concerning each other.


Is It Aesthetically Pleasing?

You want your decking planks to look good from year to year, so you will need to choose a timber that will weather well. Some woods absorb more than others, so cedar and teak will require more maintenance. 

However, they also have the advantage of being naturally resistant to rot or insect infestation. It would help if you also thought about how much time you want to spend looking after your garden and how much effort you want to put into it. 

If this is going to be a chore for you, then perhaps a low-maintenance option such as plastic planks would be better.


Is It Providing Added Safety?

You may already have an idea of what sort of area you will be building your decking in, such as an area covered by a patio or by decking boards. 

Whatever the room is, there will probably be people walking around on it at some point. Be sure that you choose a plank that is suitable for the number of people likely to use the area.


Does It Fall Under Your Budget?

To be sure, price is the essential factor. However, remember that low price does not always mean good quality. So it would be better for you to compare the quality of the materials and construction with the price, rather than pay attention to just the price itself. Composite decking usually costs more than wood because it's more durable,


How much is the price of composite Decking planks of M2 in South Africa?

Many people are not sure about the price of composite decking planks. They know that they want to use the best materials for their deck. But how about the cost of those materials? The cost of composite decking planks can vary depending on what type of wood you use and what brand or retailer you purchase it from.

The price of composite decking planks can also vary by where you live in the world. Factors like shipping costs, taxes, and import duties can impact the final price.

 When it comes to the overall cost of composite decking planks, the type and grade of material used, their size, and whether they are intended for indoor or outdoor use are the most significant factors that impact their overall cost.

Wood flour, wood fiber, and plastic are the primary ingredients in composite decking materials, including wood plastic composite products. Today, it is the most commonly used material on the planet.

Composite decking can be made into different styles and shapes, including board, plank, fencing, railing, and many others. The advantage of composite decking is its hardness, durability, water resistance, etc. We will focus on one of the timber planks that is M2.

The highest quality wood used for composite decking comes from teak wood, mahogany wood, ipe wood, and cedarwood. These woods tend to be expensive because they're hard to find in high-quality forms and are pretty heavy when shipped long distances.

There are two types of composite decking in South Africa: exterior and interior boards. 

  1. The exterior boards are suitable for areas with a lot of sun as these boards will not fade over time. 
  2. Interior boards, however, do not last long when exposed to the elements such as sunlight, and this is because they have a lower density than the exterior boards. 
  3. Composite decking must be kept away from moisture. Thus it should be stored indoors with the rest of your patio furniture during the winter months.

The price of composite decking planks of M2 in South Africa is between R1100 and R2200 per square meter.

The price of composite decking planks of M2 in South Africa depends on the size of the planks, which are typically 140mm x 22mm x 5,8m). 


Why The Composite Company Is The Right Place? 

If you are looking for the best decking planking company, and thinking of choosing the right decking planks price per m2 in South Africa, then you have come to the right place.

The Composite Company has been servicing various clients all over the country with great success for many years. The Composite Company also offers a variety of other services such as:

  1. Decking Installation
  2. Re-decking
  3. Decking Supply
  4. Cladding 
  5. Pergola's
  6. Seating Areas

Bottom Line

The price of decking planks per m2 will significantly depend on what material you choose and the size of the planks. Also, you need to consider the quality of the wood, how strong or weak it this. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, determined by its usage and construction.

So if you are thinking of getting decking planks done, make sure you know what the best format to use is and which building regulations you must adhere to. 

Maintenance should not be a problem with a good builder, and knowing which format to work with, maintenance should not be a problem? However, upholding the local building code is always recommended.

The Composite Company aims at making your home look beautiful and, more importantly, to improve your lifestyle even more. We will make sure that you get the highest quality services. The various services offered by us will make your house look stunning and increase its value in the future.

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