Decking by Design: Crafting Custom Outdoor Spaces with Style

Welcome to The Composite Company, where decking becomes an art of design and style. In this blog post, we will explore the world of "Decking by Design" and how it allows you to craft custom outdoor spaces with unparalleled style and creativity. Our premium decking materials and expertise will help you turn your vision into a reality, making your outdoor area a true reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Let's delve into the exciting realm of designing custom decks with style.

Personalized Decking: Your Outdoor Canvas

When it comes to crafting custom outdoor spaces, personalization is key. Your deck should be a reflection of your unique style, preferences, and functional needs. At The Composite Company, we offer a wide range of decking materials, colors, and textures to suit your vision. Whether you desire a modern and sleek deck or a rustic and inviting oasis, our selection allows you to personalize your outdoor canvas.

Multi-Functional Zones: Designing for Versatility

Designing custom outdoor spaces means creating multi-functional zones that cater to your various activities and preferences. Consider incorporating dedicated areas for dining, lounging, cooking, and entertainment. Our decking materials are versatile and durable, making it easy to design a deck that seamlessly transitions from one functional zone to another.

Unconventional Shapes: Breaking the Mold

Decking by design encourages thinking outside the box and breaking away from conventional shapes. Embrace creative deck shapes such as curves, angles, or even non-linear forms that complement your landscape and add a unique touch to your outdoor space. The Composite Company offers materials that are flexible and easy to work with, allowing you to create unconventional shapes that wow and delight.

Harmonizing with Nature: Blending In or Standing Out

When crafting custom outdoor spaces, consider how your deck can harmonize with nature. You may opt for materials that blend in with the surroundings, allowing your deck to become a seamless extension of the landscape. Alternatively, you might choose bold colors or unique designs that make your deck stand out as a captivating focal point.

Outdoor Accents: Adding Character and Charm

Enhance the style of your custom deck with thoughtful outdoor accents. Incorporate elements like pergolas, built-in seating, planters, and decorative lighting fixtures. These accents not only add character and charm to your outdoor space but also elevate the functionality and overall aesthetics of your deck.

Balcony Decks: Expanding Living Spaces

For homes with limited ground space, balcony decks are a perfect solution for expanding your living areas. Design a cozy and intimate balcony deck with The Composite Company's materials, making it an inviting space for relaxation and enjoyment. Balcony decks also provide an opportunity to incorporate vertical gardens and other space-saving features.

Deck Railing Designs: Safety with Style

Decking by design extends to the railing system as well. Choose from a variety of railing styles that complement your deck's aesthetics while ensuring safety for everyone. From sleek metal railings to classic wood balusters, we have a wide selection of railing options to suit your custom deck.

The Composite Company: Your Partner in Designing Custom Decks

At The Composite Company, we are dedicated to being your trusted partner in designing custom decks with style. With our premium materials, expert advice, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we will guide you in creating an outdoor space that exceeds your expectations.


Designing custom outdoor spaces with style opens up a world of possibilities for transforming your deck into a masterpiece. With personalized choices, multi-functional zones, unconventional shapes, and thoughtful accents, your deck becomes an extension of your lifestyle and a testament to your creativity.

Begin your journey of "Decking by Design" with The Composite Company today. Let us assist you in turning your dream deck into a reality—a space that not only elevates your outdoor living experience but also becomes a cherished place for making lasting memories.

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