Decking 101 - What is Decking and how does it work?

The low maintenance and long-lasting composite decking are among the top trend as an alternative to traditional wood installation. A deck is an outdoor extension for a relaxing spot of entertainment, enjoyment, and relaxation. The perfect installation of a deck with the right decking materials provides you with an ultimate spot for all outdoor events. It is a spacious outdoor space that is large enough for all your family gatherings and parties. What are the criteria behind the perfect installation of a deck in your garden or backyard? Building a deck involves planning, designing, constructing, and collecting the right materials for your project.

The total budget for outdoor decking involves the size of the deck, labor cost, and cost of the material. Our today's guide is all about decking 101. What are the amazing benefits of decking in the construction section? Why do most homeowners prefer composite decking as compared to other traditional materials? Without any further delay, let's get into it.

All You Need to Know About Composite Decking

Composite decking is a manufactured product of recycled wood fibers and plastic with a minor amount of binding agent in the composition. The composite decking is further differentiated into two types capped and uncapped. The uncapped composite decking boards are cheaper and don't come with a durable feature. The Composite Company offers a unique collection of the finest capped composite decking boards in a range of colors. The best thing about the capped composite decking boards is that they provide protection against color fading and staining.

It means that composite decking will remain the same in beauty and elegance for a couple of years. There is no doubt that there is a range of decking materials in the market including hardwood, softwood, and timber. All these decking materials have some drawback that prevents their progress in the decking industry. In architectural terms, a deck is a flat or raised surface that can bear the weight of your outdoor furniture and is connected to your indoor area. The different types of decks including the attached deck, detached deck, and wrap-around deck, confuses the most homeowners.

The right selection of deck depends on the area of your outdoor space, the location of your residence, and the purpose behind the installation. You can also add different types of accessories and functional features to your decking area for functional and cosmetic benefits. If you want to add a decking area to your outdoor space, then have a look at some inspirational deck ideas that can make your addition worth installing. Whether you want to install a deck for the kitchen accessories or you want to attach the deck around the swimming pool, composite decking is the best option for all kinds of projects.

How does Composite Decking Work for Your Outdoor Space?

One of the most prominent benefits of composite decking over other traditional decking materials is that it requires less upkeep cleaning. Its capsule-like capped covering keeps the moisture outside and maintains the structural integrity of your deck. The list of the pros of composite decking is long, but here we have summed up some of the important points for you.

1.    Composite Decking Protects Your Environment

Here at The Composite Company, we value two things, the best quality of decking boards and sustainability. All the range of our composite products is constructed to the highest standards. We always make sure to keep the environment safe for you and your family. Our dedicated passion for sustainability has generated a wide range of composite products that are the best durable option in an eco-friendly way. Firstly, our manufacturing process didn't harm a single tree, and all the composite products are a combination of recycled wood fibers and plastic. Additionally, our composite decking boards come with a warranty of 25 years and leaves no harmful impacts on your environment. The cleaning procedures of the composite decking are also environmentally friendly as a simple solution of soap and water is enough for an upkeep look.

2.    Composite Decking Is Least Expensive Solution

What is the best thing that makes composite decking the least expensive solution for the coverage of all the imperfections of your outdoor space? The initial price of our decking boards, their labor cost, and almost no cleaning solutions. All these factors contribute to the low cost of composite decking without compromising on quality. All the composite decking boards on our site are a cost-effective way to keep your life easy in terms of maintenance and upkeep.

Unlike traditional decking materials, which are susceptible to rotting, wrapping, and cracking, composite decking doesn't fade and maintains its structural integrity. These all features make the composite decking durable and long-lasting. If you choose composite decking, then you don't have to replace it after short intervals. What is better than an outdoor deck that is durable and provides you with an ultimate spot of relaxation and enjoyment? Our composite decking boards are the least expensive in the long run as they are manufactured from high-quality recycled materials. You will love the color of natural timber in your garden with our capped composite decking board in brown color.

3.    Composite Decking Is Flexible to Install

The manufactured form of composite decking makes it the most flexible in the decking industry. There is no need to hire a professional team for your composite decking, as you can install it on your own. Choose a location for your deck that is covered with trees and shrubs. The next step is to choose the deck type that can give you practical benefits in the beautiful outdoor space. The best thing about composite decking boards is that they come with hidden fasteners that make the installation easy and convenient for you.

  1. Composite Decking Keeps Your Atmosphere Cool

If you don't have a covered location in your garden for the deck, then relax, we have the solution for you. If you choose composite decking for your outdoor project, it ultimately keeps your atmosphere cool and cozy. Now, you may think about what makes composite decking the most heat-resistant material on the market. The manufacturing process of The Composite Company covers the decking boards with a capped sheath that acts as a barrier between the intense heat and decking boards. More so, the heat-resistant feature keeps color the same in elegance for 25 years.

If you want more shade on your outdoor decking area, then a pergola can do the job for your project. It will provide you with a beautiful spot with some practical advantages. The range of pergola beams of The Composite Company also comes with heat-resistant features. We aim to keep your atmosphere cool and cozy for all your outdoor events. You can also hang potted plants and hanging lights on our strong pergola beams for the beautiful view in the semi-covered shade. The hanging curtains on durable pergola beams will fully cover you on an intensely hot day.

  1. Composite Decking Provides Cosmetic Benefits

A beautiful structured deck is a key asset to the overall curb appeal of your home. Having your worn-out deck replaced with high-quality composite decking increases the value of your home. The best thing about the modern version of the composite decking is that they are more elegant and classy. Additionally, a wide range of colors provides you with a lot of options, so you can choose them according to the aesthetics of your home. There is no need to stick to one color for your outdoor deck. A mix and match of different colors can provide you with a two-tone deck.

The beautifully designed deck, fascia boards on the sides, and a pergola on the top are all you need for the summer. A worn-out and damaged deck ultimately decreases the look of your home. The Composite Company has a range of composite products that are best for all kinds of outdoor conditions. More so, the range of our composite products is not only limited to one color. From the modern hues of grey to the traditional look of timber, all the range of our composite decking boards is available here at a very reasonable price.


Final Thoughts

Composite decking is among the new and popular ways to make your home look expensive without investing much. Are you confused about which decking material can do the job for your outdoor space? Well, a complete guide on wood types to consider when choosing a decking material can help you to select the best. The composite decking keeps your life easy, from installation to maintenance procedures. The prominent feature that makes composite decking the choice for most homeowners is elegance without maintenance. More so, the composite decking boards are built with hidden fasteners that provide a beautiful finish to your deck with a clean look.

The Composite Company is the leading brand of decking suppliers for the finest material across South Africa. Be sure to give your suggestions in the comment section below. Feel free to contact us for the best-capped polymer decking boards.

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