Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces - Learn What Type of Deck is Right for You!

Are you looking for some amazing ideas to create beautiful outdoor space in your home without investing much? If the answer is yes, then you are at the right place. The deck installation trend is at its peak in the past few years. The reason is the multiple practical benefits of the deck with the aesthetically appealing benefits. A beautifully structured outdoor space is a clever way to make your outdoor experience pleasant. A deck is a great way to create a beautiful outdoor space. It is not only about aesthetically appealing benefits, a deck in your outdoor space provides you with multiple functional advantages.

A deck is a perfect spot of entertainment where you can host family gatherings, birthdays, wedding festivities, and much more. What type of deck is right for your outdoor space according to requirements? From where you can buy the best decking boards at a reasonable price? How to install your own customize deck? Why The Composite Company is among the top decking board suppliers in South Africa? Keep reading.


Different Types of Deck - Select According to Your Space

 There is a range of deck types available for your outdoor space. Some are attached to your indoors with the help of stairs and others are known by the term ''floating decks''. The attached deck provides more structural stability to the architecture of your home. The floating deck types are not permanent, so you can modify them whenever you want. Let's get into the deep detail for all the types of decks.

  1. Attached Deck

The attached deck is the most common type of deck that is structurally connected to the indoors of the home. It is usually attached to a specific area of the home with a door and acts as an extension to the indoor area like the kitchen and dining room. An attached deck is not hard to build as it seems. You can install it in the rectangular or square form. The attached deck only looks expensive, but the fact is that it is the least expensive way to increase the value of your home. If you are not aware of how to build a deck, then top DIY building tips and tricks can help you a lot.

  1. Detached Deck

Do you want a comfortable seating area in your outdoor space? If the answer is yes, then a detached deck is your requirement. If we talk about structure, it is exactly the opposite of the attached deck. It has a free-standing structure, and you can install it wherever you want. You can link it to the indoors of your house by creating a beautiful pathway. You can make the footpath with the help of composite decking boards. The Detached decks are not connected permanently to any space, that is why it is known by the term ''floating deck''. Moreover, as it has a floating structure, you are not required to ask for a permit for its installation. What about installing a detached deck around your swimming pool? It will provide you with a spot to relax with a beautiful view of the swimming pool. The material around the swimming pool should be resistant to water. A moisture-resistant material prevents the growth of molds and algae around the swimming pool. 

The good news is that composite decking is covered with a capped sheath that acts as a barrier to moisture. Don't forget to view the features of our capped composite decking board in dark grey color for your swimming pool.

  1. Multi-Level Deck

A multi-level deck is a large deck in which small individual decks are connected with steps. The amazing benefit of a multi-level deck is that you can specify different areas for different purposes. If you have uneven ground in your outdoor space, then a multi-level deck can do great for you. It will cover all the imperfections of the ground and make it smooth. A detached deck can be converted into a multi-level deck with the help of stairs. You can specify your sitting area, dining area, and playing area for your loved ones on the multi-level deck.

A multi-level deck requires a flexible material so that you can build small decks. If your decking material is hardwood, then a multi-level deck will be costly for you. The composite decking boards are not the organic form of wood so, they are flexible and provide versatility for your outdoor space. Moreover, you can utilize composite decking boards for the stairs. Do you want different color themes in your multi-level deck? Here is the range of decking boards of different colors. You can build small decks with a different theme for each, and then connect them with the matching stairs.

  1. Entry Way Deck

Do you want to add a beautiful entrance to the front of your home? A lively entrance to your home not only increases the cost of your home but also welcoming for your guests. It will provide a functional space for the guests. It is a series of stairs with the help of decking boards that adds to the architecture of your home. The entryway deck requires that the material, design, and style of the decking boards must be in collaboration with the architecture. It is among the least expensive option to increase the appearance of your front area.

  1. Dedicated Deck

What about building a deck for customized use for different favorite activities? Well, as the name indicates a dedicated deck is all for your fun activities. These types of decks are built for specific purposes. The idea behind these decks is to customize them for a specific functional benefit. Just suppose you want an outdoor cooking area. You can build a dedicated deck and attach it to your indoor kitchen.  It will give an extension to your indoor kitchen. You can enjoy the experience of an outdoor kitchen with your family and friends.

You can install a grill, outdoor bar, table, and a sitting area. A good thing about these decks is that they are a budget-friendly way to provide an extension of space in your outdoor area. What about installing a pergola to cover your appliances from the outside weather conditions? A pergola is a great option to cover your outdoor sitting area and appliances. A complete guide for the installation of the pergola is available here.


Different Considerations for the Selection of Right Deck

Choosing the right deck material for your outdoor space can be overwhelming- that's why we have gathered some points that will help you a lot.

  • Choose the material according to the environmental conditions of your area. In hot regions, like South Africa you need a decking material that remains cool in the intense heat of summer. The Composite Company has decking boards that don't absorb heat, so your deck will remain cool. Moreover, our high-quality manufacturing process covers the decking boards in a capped sheath that protects them from heat
  • Your outdoor space looks appealing with the proper maintenance. You install a deck to enjoy and relax with your family and friends. Your decking material should require less maintenance so that you can spend more time on the deck instead of washing and cleaning it. Let us tell you a fact about composite decking. It doesn't require annual painting, sealing, and oiling. So, you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying on your beautiful deck
  • Go for an eco-friendly material because it doesn't require you to replace it after short intervals. Additionally, it leaves no harmful impact on the environment. Composite decking is the only eco-friendly material in the decking industry. It is purely a synthetic material
  • For creating a beautiful outdoor space, we recommend you select composite decking. It makes your residence look expensive with minimal cost. It is a flexible material and is suitable for all kinds of your deck. A wise decision in the selection of material serves your outdoor space with a beautifully structured deck. Moreover, composite decking is suitable for all your parties and gathering. It gives a stainless look to your deck as it is moisture resistant. Select composite decking, and you will get elegance, color scheme, and unique design.


The best decision regarding the type of deck provides a beautiful outdoor space for all your outdoor activities. There are many types of deck designs, but the best is one that suits the architecture of your home. Despite the deck design, deck material also matters a lot. The composite decking boards are best for every kind of environment. Moreover, it has no harmful impact on the environment. It has a unique look of real wood in the synthetic form. Moreover, it has many features that are the reason for its popularity in the past few years. Build a composite deck now, and have a good time on your deck.

A beautifully structured deck is the ultimate way to create a beautiful outdoor space for all your gatherings. We will love to serve you. Feel free to contact us

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