Composite Wood Decking Around Swimming Pools: Benefits, Tips and More!

Homeowners who want a pool in their backyards now have a lot of choices for their decking options than ever before - It is because of the various kinds of composite decking materials available in the market. All such composite pool decking come with great level of durability, appearance and strength. Now people don’t need to make choices for costly concrete or masonry platform around their pool that requires high maintenance to keep it safe. For all such reasons, people are getting Jacuzzi's on their new decks and the pool installers suggesting to go for composite decking around their pool as it is highly beneficial.

6 Benefits of Composite Wood Decking for Swimming Pools

Composite wood decking assures you a highly practical combination of value and functionality for your home. It is an ideal step for your outdoor pool giving it value and look both. Take a look below, mentioning a few reasons why you should consider composite wood decking around swimming pools;

1. Built-in Moisture Resistant

If there is a pool then without a doubt the place has water all around. Highly quality of unique and hardwood composite decking comes with a co-extruded feature with capped surface that enables the water to drain from the surface with ease. This ends up providing drier and safer space from pool water splashes. This highly eliminated the off-season damage that could be possible because of expansion and contraction moisture occurs with the absorption of moisture and adaption to temperature.

It is different from the traditional lumber that is needed to get regularly strained and painted to be protected from water damage and growth of mold. Going for composite decking is highly beneficial as it is mostly made from polypropylene material that has the ability to naturally repel water.

2. Safe Side

Another of unfortunate hazard that has the possibility to occur on the poolside is cuts and splinters from uneven or bad weathered surfaced. Indifferent from the usual lumber decking, the usage of composite decking around your pools end up providing you clean and smooth surface for several years with quite little maintenance.

There are certain composite decking that has such material ingredient that are resistant to ultraviolet rays. This ends up reducing the damage against long sun exposure to the pool surface. Also, this enables the composite to be in its smooth and slinter free surface for much longer time than the usual traditional wood.

3. Cool to Touch

For sure most of people now know this that darker colors are prone to absorb and retain more heat in comparison to lighter colors. In this same way there are such kind of materials that also absorb heat that other materials. Note that, composite decking made from polypropylene generally has the tendency to maintain the temperature of the surface cooler in comparison to other decking materials.

Following this, you should consider getting composite wood decking around your swimming pool to have cooler area.

4. Composite Decks Gives the Best Look and Feel Like Wood

If you are the one who wants to build a composite pool deck then you should clearly know about the new composites that assures to provide most of the characteristics of real wood. Now the composite decking manufacturer has the ability to accurately mix the colors for mimic look of wood like mahogany, cherry, teak and walnut. However, there are some special makers who design in a special way adding extra embossed wood grain that gives you top level of traction even then the surface is wet.

5. No Need for Framing

The previous kinds of composite decking needed some extra framing and that is for sure a hassle. Now it is highly function to build a composite pool deck that make uses of the same type of quantity and pressure posts and joists but still don’t need additional framing. The high quality composite wood decking is made with standard length of 12 inches, 16 inches and 20 inches. Also, this has the ability to get installed easily on the 200 inches space but on center or 16 inches joists for angles decking patterns.

6. Advance Level of Fastening System with Slip Resistant Surface

This is another reason why composites are getting popular choice for the pool decking. It is because of the way the decking gets attached to the frame. This make uses of an advance level of fastening system that ensures to provide you the deck surface that is free from any kind of visible nails or screws. Without any doubt this makes the deck look super attractive alongside eliminating any risk for injuries that could happen because of exposed nails, screws or splinters.

Consider Above Ground Swimming Pools

If you are in South Africa then you already know that here the summers are super-hot. Following this, not everyone is able to install the tradition swimming pool in their home or office spaces. In this regard, we recommend you to go for an above ground pool. It is because the pool decking prices for this will suit your budget and it gets installed in a quicker way. Also, you can get this in plenty of sizes and shapes being on the safe side with elevated corners. This makes it harder for the little champs to climb.

Decking around and on the sides of your above ground pool changes it into quite stylish design suitable for your entire property. Regardless you want your decking top or down the pool, the best deck is liable to install great composite wood to let you have a wonder home exterior.

Is Composite Wood Decking Slippery?

Most probably, the best benefit about this decking is that it is slip resistance to extreme levels. There is no decking material that claim to be 100% slip proof. But composite decking is actually reliable underfoot and does not let you slip even if its wet.

Each of the composite decking comes with a textured finishing to provide extra grip and traction. But if you want ultimate level of firm footing then capped composite decking is the ultimate choice you can go for.

Each of the capped composite deck board is coated with polymer sleeve with unrivalled moisture protection. Simply, big spills and splashes can be wiped without absorption. However, the boards automatically get dries within 30 minutes of exposure to water.

Top 5 Best Tips for Your Composite Pool Decking Installation

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while composite pool decking installation.

1. It Should Be Wider

Note that your decking should be wide enough. The best measurement is 1.2 meters wider for your pool decking. This way you will have enough space to manage things in between.

2. Choose Colors Wisely

As mentioned above, there are several kinds of colors and shapes available for pool decking. Make sure to go for the colors that is suitable for the exterior of your building, furniture in garden and suits your personal taste. This way it will actually make you feel good to spend your hot summer days in your pool.

3. Create More Out Of It

You have a great option to make the most out of your composite wood decking. This means that you can decorate it - taking it to another level. Go for simple things and do some light decorating with plants, some lightings and sun loungers.

4. A Pergola for Shade

You should go for placing a pergola up of the same composite wood on the same place as pool decking. This way you will have a shady spot that does not takes away your aesthetics. You can simply enjoy everything alongside being on the shady side.

5. Make it a Vibe

Now is the time to enjoy vibes with everything around you. In this regard, you can go for adding braai area or simple fire pit to the area of decked pool. This way the entire space will change into entertaining space for your friends and family. Wouldn’t that be great to enjoy a full swimming pool decorated with things and extra space for entertainment?

It is known from years that composite decking is an ideal choice to create outdoor living space that is both great in looks and has longer life span in comparison to the one made from the usual and common lumber. Note that all the composite decking items are built to last and convenient to clean. Also, it is on the safe side because it does not crack or splinter. There are a lot more benefits to composite wood decking around your swimming pool. Following this, you should consider this as the best option.


Do you want new decking around your swimming pool? Composite wood decking around your swimming pool is a full combination of style, durability, and quality. This will be a boost to your entire exterior design. You should consider the composite company. We are highly helpful to deliver, install and maintain decking around your swimming pool.

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