Composite Decking Vs Wooden Decking; Which One Is Better?

It's time that you finally go ahead with the idea of changing the outdoor decking but are you confused about which type of decking you should go for? Are you asking yourself whether that composite decking is better than the wooden decking and otherwise? Then this blog has got you covered as here we are listing everything you need to know before making an informed decision.

Before you begin, you should keep one thing in mind it can be a critical project and a big one, not something that you will do every day. Hence, you need to ensure that you go with a decision that is worth it.

Two of the most common decking types are wooden decking and composite decking. Whether you plan to do it yourself to hire a professional contractor, you need to know in full about the two. So let’s begin.

Wooden Decking

What Is Wooden Decking?

Decking is similar to the floor but is created outside, like on a terrace or in a patio area. Wooden decking, as the name implies, is the wooden boards fixed to the ground or any other outdoor area for the people to walk.

Wooden decking has been a go-to decking type choice for homeowners due to various reasons. It was until very recently that people started considering the other options in the market. One of the major reasons why wooden decking was a common choice was the fact that people were familiar with it; secondly, it was readily available, and also because they were alien to other options in the market.

Pros Of Wooden Decking

  • Authentic

Despite many options available in the market and many types of decking replicating the wooden outlook, people still prefer wooden decking because of the authentic outlook it gives. Not only is it pleasing but aesthetic to have an outdoor space with the wooden warmth-ness, but it will add glory to the outdoor area. This can also mean that you don't have to spend hours decorating the area with the plants and other outdoor interior stuff because the wooden decking itself will do the job of attenuating the look.

  • Deck's affordability

Although the cost of the decking depends entirely on the quality of the decking, wooden decking is comparatively affordable and less heavy on the pocket.

  • Huge variety

Wooden decking has a variety of options to offer in terms of the types of wood and the finishing of the appearance. Since the options are endless, there is a chance you get to find something for your outdoor space that compliments.

  • Appearance

Aforementioned above, the appearance of the wood decking gives a family-friendly vibe. So it makes a good choice when you are putting effort into your housekeeping the future reselling in mind.


Cons Of Wooden Decking

  • Moisture problem

the key problem people have to tackle when they go ahead with the wooden decking option is the moisture issues. The reason is the wood is not compliant with moisture a lot, and in fact, it gets ruined. Wood decking is susceptible to warping, cracking, rotting, and splintering.

  • Maintenance

The big reason why wooden decking is no longer a very top priority of the consumers is sole because of the maintenance that is required. To extend the life of wood decking, the homeowners must paint it regularly and seal the decking to prevent any moisture that can later create damage to the wood decking. Also, an eye should be kept on the insects too, and preventive measures should be taken before it ruins the decking. The insects like termites and other wood-damaging insects are a threat to wooden decking.

Composite Decking

What Is Composite Decking?

Just like wooden decking, composite decking is yet another type of decking. Composite decking is a combination of various materials like wood fiber, plastic, and some other types of binding agents. The mixture of various materials ensures a stronger, denser, and heavier formation of decking, which is now considered better than wooden decking. Is it tough? We will find it later in the blog.

Composite decking is proving to be a more popular choice in recent times because of the material and the many benefits that it has to offer. Even according to the studies, it is proven that wooden decking still has a command over the market due to its originality and the fact that it has been in the market for decades, but composite decking is growing in popularity.

Pros Of Composite Decking

  • low maintenance.

As we mentioned earlier, wooden decking requires a lot of looking after, and that's where composite decking takes a trophy as this type of decking doesn't. they are super durable

Here, consumers have to make a choice whether they need to have an authentic look and spend the time painting and sealing the decking or will save themselves the daily effort and just go with the composite decking.

  • Variety of colors.

Depending on the color of your interior and even exterior, you can make the composite decking according to it giving your house a complete look that is aesthetically pleasing.

  • They are environmentally friendly.

If you are trying to be more careful of the decisions you are making, trying to ensure that your buying patterns don't harm the motherland, then this is the type of decking you should go for.

The reason is no trees are harmed in the making of composite decking, and in fact, they are created out of recycled things, making it a more environmentally friendly approach.

Cons Of Composite Decking

  • A costly alternative

As compared to wooden decking, composite decking is pricey. However, the price is justifiable for the quality that it gives, the durability that it provides, and considering that it is low-maintenance.

  • Composites won't give a finishing like wooden decking

Despite the colors that are available in composite decking, and no matter how much effort you put in to make it look real, they won't since they aren't. Composite decking will not reflect the beauty of a real wooden outlook, so that is something that you have to compromise.

  • Maintenance-free.

Of course, installing composite decking wouldn’t mean that you don’t have to put in the tiniest of effort to keep it in good condition.

Is composite decking a better alternative to wooden decking?

Considering the pros and the cons listed above, it is adequate to say that, yes, composite decking is a better alternative to wooden decking. Although both the options have their benefits and drawbacks, the pros of composite decking definitely outweigh wooden decking; therefore, the conclusion can be drawn. However, to be more precise, there are three factors upon which we can make it a better argument that composite decking is better than wooden decking, and they are as follows:


Durability is surely an important factor when drawing a comparison between the two options. The reason being is that decking can be costly in general irrespective of the type of decking. Secondly, it is not something that you will change on a routine basis, and it's a crucial aspect of a house. Hence, keeping these things in mind, the factor- durability should be the key point when deciding the option you need to go with. Talking about durability, then composite decking is far more durable than wooden decking as it is insect-proof, and there are no moisture issues that might potentially affect the longevity of the decking.


Minimal Maintenance

The maintenance factor is a personal preference. Some people might prefer to have authentic wooden aesthetics and might not mind sparing time to look after the decking, and some might not have time off from their busy schedules to give proper time to wooden decking and would like to with the composite decking.


Cost is always an important factor that needs to be considered in every buying decision. However, high cost never means that it is not a good option. If high cost is coming with good quality, then it makes up for it and hence it is a good decision.

Keeping all these things in mind, composite decking is a better alternative to wooden decking, and it also proves its growing popularity in the market.


Choosing the type of decking is undoubtedly a difficult choice, especially when you have to choose from two types, out of which one is in the market for the longest while the other is making the waves. However, as long as you weigh the pros and cons of both types, you will make a non-regretful decision. But, when it comes down to the provider of the decking services.

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