Composite Decking Price per m2 in South Africa for 2022

When we want to install something in our surroundings, what is the first thing that comes to our mind? The answer is the cost of the project. The installation of composite decking to any place transforms the dull and underutilized area into a vibrant exterior. The composite deck boards not only increase the aesthetic look but also boost the value of your residence. If you want to install safe, long-lasting, and stunning composite decking, then it's essential to select the right name for your project. Most of the traditional companies charge you more. The quality is not according to the cash that you are paying.

The Composite Company always makes sure that you get the best. Our Composite decking boards are not only made from high-quality material, but they are cost-effective too. When it comes to the price of composite decking, most homeowners get confused. The reason is they want pocket-friendly material with high quality. In today's article, we are going to share the details about the composite decking price. Be with us, and you will get to know about the company with the reasonable prices in South Africa. Let's get into the details.


Components of the price in installing the Composite Decking

Due to the several advantages of composite decking, most homeowners now want to install composite decking. When it is about composite decking, various things take the different percentages. Here is the rough estimate of the percentage of the budget. It is wise to look into the details of the project before getting into it. So, consider the following points before sketching the cost of your project. 

  1. Subframe

The Subframe requires about 30% of your total budget. The strong composite decking requires a supportive foundation. The well-laid foundation keeps the decking material last long. It is something like a base that makes the composite decking durable enough. A big chunk of your budget will go into supporting the deck boards. You also need to make sure that the subframe meets all the requirements of your decking boards. Just imagine that the base of your house is not strong enough. Will your house be durable and long-lasting? It is the case with the subframe. Your composite decking needs a support system. It depends on your choice of which kind of subframe you want. There are various kinds of subframes available in the market. Whether you want hardwood, softwood, or steel, it depends on your choice and preferences.

  1. Composite decking boards

The decking boards are the main component and account for approximately 20% of the total composite decking price. When it comes to the composite decking price, the decking boards hold one-third of the total cost. If you are in South Africa and want to install the best decking boards, then choose The Composite Company. Our decking boards will provide several advantages to your space. They are not only stylish and good-looking but also functional at the same time. Just suppose that you are thinking to install the composite decking on your outdoor exterior. You want a grey theme in your space. Our classic composite decking board in light grey color is the best option at a reasonable price.

  1. Labour

It includes the installation of the decking boards and subframe. It is approximately 45% of the total cost of the project. If you want perfect decking around your surroundings, then be sure to contact a professional for your work. There are many offers available in the market, but a professional can elevate the beauty of the outdoor exterior to the upper level. Try to hire a professional that can turn your dream into reality. With the proper planning, the right composite decking boards company, and professional labour, you can make your exterior attractive. If you are looking towards the best decking boards, then The Composite Company is always to serve their clients with the best.

  1. Accessories and fixing

The accessories and other types of fixing material require about 5% of the composite decking price. The best decking boards are those that are easy to install. We made our decking boards with a super-easy installation design. A well-designed composite decking board makes the installation faster, and it is what The Composite Company provides. These all features of our decking material make us the best composite company in the region.


The total cost of the Composite Decking

Our wood-plastic decking boards are a combination of wood and high-quality plastic. The rough estimate of the composite decking is somewhere between R1500 to R3000 according to the square meter.

The total composite decking price also depends on your choice and preferences. For example, if you want to add additional features to your composite decking, the total budget will increase. Just imagine that you also want beauty around you. You will go with other options like pergolas, stair rails, or steps. These additional features will elevate the look and also give you some functional advantages. But it will increase the total cost a bit more. Another important factor that matters is the area you want to cover with the decking boards. The more the area you want to cover, the more decking boards are required. The Composite Company's decking boards are available in adjustable width and height. You can easily cover the area with our adjustable decking boards. We aim for you to provide easy installation. You can conveniently fix them according to your requirements and choice. It will not require much time, effort, and money.

The composite decking is also making its place around swimming pools. There are various benefits of our decking boards around the swimming pool. When it comes to the price of composite decking around the swimming pool, it is somewhere between R850 per m2 to R2000 per m2. Pool decking improves the safety of you and your family. It enhances the beauty of the sitting area around your swimming pool. Despite its aesthetic look, it also gives functional advantages. When you invest around your pool, you will receive beauty with advantages. The feature like not slippery nature makes it an ideal choice.

Composite decking is all about the initial investment. If we compare the price of composite decking to the traditional wood, the total cost after 3 to 5 years would be lower. Now, you might wonder that what the reason is? The traditional wood decking seems less expensive due to its less initial investment. But after some time, you will notice that it requires more cleaning and expensive maintenance procedure. So, is it wise to invest again and again? It is the reason that composite decking is making its place in the market. If you want the premium composite decking boards in South Africa, then select The Composite Company.

There is no exact price of the composite decking. It depends on several factors that where your total cost will lie. With the composite decking, you will have to do just an initial investment, and your space will be transformed into a beautiful version. If you invest in long-lasting and durable decking boards, you will receive budget-friendly benefits in the long run. The Composite Company's decking boards will reduce the total cost of your budget. The reason is we aim to provide decking material that will be cost-effective for you. The others companies aim to increase sales, and our goal is to provide quality with elegance.


Points to keep in mind

Here are some appealing features of the composite decking that attracts you to invest

  • You will have to pay for the initial cost. Our decking boards will not splinter, and there is no need to repaint
  • Our composite boards will absorb water, making it an ideal choice around the swimming pool
  • The composite decking boards are available in both dark and light shades
  • The material of our decking boards is durable and long-lasting
  • It will give your space natural wood finish
  • Our decking boards are almost maintenance-free. With minimal care, you will receive the benefits with a warranty of either 15 or 25 years.


Final words

The composite decking prices vary according to your requirement and preferences. It depends on the labor and the material you want to install. The best decking boards have the strength to do the best for you. When it comes to the prices of composite decking, The Composite Company offers the best decking boards. There are various amazing features of our decking boards that differentiate us from other traditional companies. It is wise to save the cost at once. Our decking boards are low maintenance that saves the total cost of the project. There is no need to spend a lot on expensive cleaning procedures. So, you are saving the total price of your composite decking. For the best composite decking boards in South Africa, feel free to contact us.

Do you find this write-up helpful in knowing about the cost of the installation of the composite decking? Let us know about opinions in the comment section below. Be sure to visit our store for the best composite decking boards in South Africa.

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