The Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Deck Wood for Your Home

Do you know that the best deck wood installation is considered a ''remolding project'' for your home? You can enjoy the multiple benefits at present, and when it comes to selling your home, you can take advantage too. The selection of the best deck wood for your residence is the most challenging task of your project. A well-built and beautifully installed deck is a perfect way to increase the fascinating aspect of your home. The key aspects to consider are affordability, durability, climate conditions, and warranty of specific deck wood. Now, you have decided to install a suspicious deck in your outdoor space for all outdoor activities. What points to consider for the successful completion of your project?

Here, in today's guide, we are about to share all the essential tips you should keep in mind. You can avail multiple pros of the outdoor deck in the long run, but it ultimately depends on the selection of the best deck wood. Additionally, the best deck wood provides a secure outdoor space for the children and elderly. Our today's blog is going to be very informative, so stay tuned.

Consider the Pros and Cons of all Available Options in the Market

When it comes to the selection of the best deck wood for your home, a lot of actors come into play. Here, we have listed some of the popular deck wood options available in the market.

Pressure-Treated Deck Wood

When it comes to pressure-treated deck wood, it comes in the market with a warranty of many years. Do you know the preservation process of pressure-treated deck wood that makes it a long-lasting option? It is treated with different types of chemical preservatives that contain toxic materials. With time, these toxic materials slowly come out of the deck wood and can be hazardous to human health. Additionally, when you cut the deck wood for installation, it can cause problems for your health. Do you know that pressure-treated deck wood doesn't maintain its structural integrity and is prone to deform with time?

Cedar Deck Wood

Cedar deck wood can be a great option for your home, but if you want to install heavy outdoor furniture, this option is not for you. Let us tell you that this decking wood has a softer nature and is easily prone to dents with heavy traffic. More so, if your goal is to build a ground-level deck, it will deteriorate with time. Do you want to know about the best deck wood option that maintains its' structural shape for many coming years? Well, composite deck wood comes in the market with exceptional strength, so it is an ideal option for a ground-level deck.

Composite Deck Wood

Gone are the days when hardwood, softwood, and pressure-treated wood were the only options available for an outdoor deck. Composite deck wood is a new addition to the decking industry that gained popularity in a short period. No other material in the industry can compete with composite deck wood in beauty, elegance, and warranty. Your deck is going to be the space for all outdoor events, so it needs to be super durable. It is quite obvious that you will love to install furniture on your outdoor deck for practical needs. The exceptional strength is the best aspect of composite deck wood, making it super strong for all heavy outdoor furniture and accessories.

The Composite Company, the top brand of deck wood suppliers in South Africa, is pleased to announce that we have an elegant range of composite products available on our site. Whatever kind of project you are going to start we have all the composite materials that you will love to have. The finest manufacturing process of The Composite Company has generated composite products in a wide range of colors. So, what is the point of sticking to one color when you have a range of options available? Additionally, we offer composite products that help you to renovate your home. If your outdoor deck is toned down, then it's time to renovate it with the help of the guide ''Top 5 Ways to Restore a Worn Out Deck with Composite Products''.

Warranty Is Must for Reliable Deck Wood

The long-term warranty of deck wood indicates that the material is free from defects. When you invest in any project, you want it to be successful and durable. The long-term warranty shows that your outdoor deck will last long with no manufactured defects. No doubt that the decking market is full of suppliers, but the right one offers you the most super warranty products.

We offer a range of composite products, from decking boards to pergola beams, with a warranty of 25 years. Do you know that The Composite Company has a strong commitment to saving your cost? How do our composite products provide long-term benefits to your pocket for 25 years? We offer you the ''Beauty of Wood Without Maintenance'' which means you don't need to invest in annual upkeep procedures. While on the other hand, all other types of deck wood don't have long-lasting life space.

Consider Local Climate Conditions

Choosing the best deck wood for your project requires you to consider functional benefits and longevity for the long-term benefits. If you want your deck wood to last long, you need to select the material according to local environmental conditions. Hot regions like South Africa demand deck wood that should be resistant to heat. The reason is quite obvious your outdoor deck is a place for summer afternoons, and you want it cool and cozy. All other traditional materials of the industry absorb the heat and make your deck grill like a hot frying pan. A range of cool colors ideal for the summer is available here.

If you are looking for the best deck wood option for moisture-related conditions, composite is the best choice. The composite deck wood is a manufactured form that is a composition of recycled wood fibers and plastic encapsulated in a capped polymer sheath. This capped polymer sheath is the reason behind its moisture resistance feature. The absorption of moisture means the growth of algae, fungi, and all other damaging agents in the different corners of the deck. From all other available options in the list of decking industry, composite deck wood is the only material that is resistant to water.

Take Dimensions into Account

The best type of deck wood is the one that keeps your installation process easy. When it comes to the installation of the best deck wood, you need to take accurate measurements of the area where you want to install a deck. Firstly, consider the needs of your surrounding and which deck wood can do the best job for you. The composite deck wood is the most flexible option and can be modified for all kinds of projects. It is a material that is a suitable option for the attached deck, detached deck, and ground-level deck.

Consider Deck Wood Installation Design

No doubt, a well-installed deck wood design takes the beauty of your home to the upper level of elegance. An elegantly installed deck wood design will showcase your taste and style. It's important to select the deck wood type according to the design you want to install. Just suppose you want to install a deck design around your outdoor swimming pool. You need to install a deck wood that is suitable for moisture conditions. The capped polymer sheath makes our composite deck wood an ideal option for installation around the swimming pool.

In the same way, if you want to install an outdoor kitchen on your deck, you need deck wood with exceptional strength. A fragile deck wood like softwood cannot bear the weight of all your accessories and appliances. If your deck wood is softwood, you will notice cracks after years of installation. These cracks and sharp edges will not only make your deck look ugly but can also harm you and your loved ones. The composite deck wood comes in the market with exceptional strength, so you can install whatever you want.

Final Thoughts

A wide range of options available in the market confuses most homeowners in the selection process. If you want to start work on your outdoor project, the first step is to consider all the available options in the market. It's important to consider the pros and cons of all available options, so you can select the best according to your environmental conditions. The elegance, beauty, and low-up requirements are some of the top features of deck wood by The Composite Company. What is better than an outdoor decking area with a natural shade of timber that gives a cool and cozy effect? You will love the traditional shade of wood in your garden with our capped composite decking board in brown color. 

Contact us today for superior-quality capped composite deck wood in South Africa. We will love to read your comment sections below. Be sure to visit the site of the leading brand of capped composite products in South Africa.  

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