Are Composite Decking Boards Worth The Money

Are you confused about which type of deck material you should install? The composite decking made its way more rapid than wood decking in the past few years. There are many reasons for the rapid increase in the popularity of composite decking. When you install the deck material to your residence, we always want the material to be the best in every aspect. Whether it looks, style, or functional advantages, we always want to install something that increases the value of space.

 When it comes to the comparison of composite decking with wood decking, composite decking always takes the lead.  There is no doubt that composite decking is a little bit more costly than wood decking. But, when you realize the functional and amazing features of the composite decking, you will get to know what are you paying for? The Composite Company always introduced the best decking boards in South Africa. In today's articles, we are going to discuss the details of the composite decking features. Just be with us, and in the end, you will get that why composite decking is a prime option.


Reasons why composite decking is superior to wood decking

Composite decking boards are a mixture of synthetic and organic materials. It is the combination that captures the functional features and looks like natural wood. This unique mixture makes composite decking boards a little bit more costly. But the following points will let you know that composite decking worth the cost.

  1. Guarantee of lasting beauty

The lengthy warranty of the composite decking gives the guarantee of long-lasting beauty. It will give you peace of mind that you have invested in the right material.  The best composite decking company is the one that offers you stylish decking material. The Composite Company's deck boards are visually appealing. Our decking boards are designed to match the aesthetic look of your exterior. By installing our decking boards, you will get the natural look of wood. On the other hand, if we come to the look of traditional wood decking, it is not that soothing. The wood decking color and beauty fade after some years. You will realize that although you have saved the cost, now there is no pleasing look to attract. Isn't it worth investing the money at once for the long-lasting beauty of your outdoor exterior?

  1. Superior sustainability

For the manufacturing of the composite decking boards, you don't have to cut down the trees. You will get a natural wood finish without the environmental impact. The Composite Company's decking boards are made from 45% recycled HDPE and 55% reclaimed wood fibers. This mixture involves a combination of polyethylene and wood scraps. These kinds of materials provide the decking boards with higher sustainability than the wood decking. Our deck boards are highly sustainable and able to resist different environmental pressure. By investing at, once you will get the benefits in the long run.

  1. High durability

Another key feature that differentiates composite decking from wood is its durability. Composite decking resists wrapping, molding, staining, and scratches. These are some appealing features that attract investors. We always want a product in our space that can oppose the pressure of external agents. The wood decking gets damaged by insects. The material of the decking boards has nothing for insects as there is no natural substance for them to eat. It means that it will last in the long run. Its value will remain the same after years. The Composite Company offers decking boards with a warranty of 25 years with lasting beauty. Our decking boards are highly durable, and you don't have to worry about fading color.

  1. Transferrable value

The composite decking has the potential to transform your dull space into a valuable property. If you are looking towards selling your home, composite decking can make it worth it. It is because we all want a low-maintenance product. The new house owners may not get that impressed by pressure-treated wood decking that requires regular upkeeping. They may see it as a chore or burden. A wood decking requires a lot of maintenance for long-lasting durability. The Composite Company's decking boards are not only stylish but also give an aesthetic look.  You can enjoy the beauty of the outdoor exterior for years, and when it comes to the selling of the house, it will give you several benefits. 

  1. Moisture resistance

 The major disadvantage of wood decking is that it absorbs moisture readily. You may think that you have saved the cost by installing wood decking. But after sometime you will get to know about the disadvantages. The wood decking requires the regular application of paint and sealers. Without the proper maintenance, they are more vulnerable to damage like rotting, cracking, and splintering. On the other hand, the composite decking has a moisture shield that resists moisture. It is the features that make it worth spending the cost on composite decking. The Composite Company has decking boards that are resistant to the water to the core. You can install our decking boards in high moisture conditions without worrying about decaying.

  1. Surface temperature

Our composite decking boards will not absorb the heat from the sun. In hot regions like South Africa, you need the decking material to be heat resistant. Our decking boards will remain comfortable for you even on hot days. You and your loved ones can easily walk on them on the shiny days of summers. In contrast, the other decking materials absorb the heat and restrict you to enjoy the decking boards. It is something where you should not compromise on. Composite decking is all about the initial cost, and you will get to know about the advantages in different weather conditions.

  1. Workability

We look for material that requires less energy. The Composite decking is easy to cut. You can mold it according to the requirement of your desired space. With the common tools that most homeowners have, you can make the decking boards according to your wish. Our decking boards can easily bend to make curved surfaces. It is not the case with the wood decking. It requires a heavy amount of work to install it and then maintain it. The Composite Company's decking boards always require a minimal amount of energy in installing and maintaining.

  1. Splinters

The safety aspect of the composite decking is higher than the wood decking. After the installation of the wood decking, you will notice splinters. Our composite decking boards are made with small wood fibers encapsulated in plastic. If you have children at your home, then you should consider composite decking for their safety. Composite decking won't splinter, and you can easily walk on them barefoot. You will notice that our composite decking boards will not crack. The beauty of the stylish decking boards will remain the same without cracks. The Composite Company always makes reliable decking boards. It is the reason that makes us on the top of the list of the decking companies in South Africa.

  1. Appearance

With time, the composite decking tends to give a more natural look. Our decking boards are available in a variegated appearance. We have different themes that can elevate the level of elegance in your outdoor exterior. The wood decking doesn't have much variety in appearance. You only have one option of the traditional wood appearance. The appearance of the space is something that first attracts visitors. You can enjoy the family gatherings on the beautiful decking boards. You will see the difference after the fixation of our decking boards. We have various range of composite decking boards for you. If you want to make your outdoor exterior beautiful with a grey theme, then our Co-extrusion composite decking board is a premium choice. All of our decking boards are unique on their own. All have features that make them the best choice. So, if you are in South Africa what are you waiting for? Rely on The Composite Company for your decking, and we will provide the best to you.


Final Words

Although the wood decking seems to be more affordable, it is not reliable for a long time. Wood decking has many problems like splinters, rots, insect damage, and high maintenance. All these problems can cause a headache for you. The Composite Company has emulated the rich natural look of wood without maintaining the difficulty of a wood deck. Our decking boards are cost-friendly. Your total cost of composite decking will be less when you choose composite decking. Our decking boards will save your cost in every aspect. You will get to know that it is worth investing in The Composite Company. If you are looking for the best composite decking suppliers in South Africa, then contact us for the best decking boards. 

Do you find this article helpful in knowing how composite decking is superior to wood decking? Do give your opinions in the comment section below. Be sure to have a look on our site for some amazing composite decking boards.

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