Best Decking Styles for Every Home: Matching Your Deck to Your Architecture

Welcome to The Composite Company's comprehensive blog post, where we explore the best decking styles that complement the architecture of every home. A well-designed deck can enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space while seamlessly integrating with your home's architectural style. At The Composite Company, we understand the importance of creating a cohesive and harmonious look, which is why we offer a wide range of decking options to suit various architectural designs. In this article, we will guide you through the best decking styles for different home styles, helping you create a stunning and cohesive outdoor living area.

Modern and Contemporary Homes

Sleek and Minimalist Composite Decking

For modern and contemporary homes characterized by clean lines and minimalism, The Composite Company's sleek and minimalist composite decking is the perfect choice. Opt for deck boards with a smooth finish and bold colors to create a visually striking contrast against the home's clean façade. Consider integrating built-in seating or planters to enhance functionality while maintaining the deck's sleek aesthetic.

Aluminum Decking for a Contemporary Look

Aluminum decking offers a contemporary and industrial look that complements modern home designs. The Composite Company's aluminum decking is lightweight, durable, and available in various finishes, including textured and matte options. Its clean and sleek appearance, combined with its low-maintenance properties, makes it an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a modern outdoor space that seamlessly integrates with their contemporary home.

Traditional and Colonial Homes

Classic Wood Decking for Timeless Charm

Traditional and colonial homes exude timeless charm and elegance, and classic wood decking perfectly complements their architectural style. The Composite Company's wood decking options, crafted from premium hardwood, bring warmth and natural beauty to your outdoor space. Choose decking boards with rich colors and intricate grain patterns to create a deck that seamlessly blends with the traditional aesthetics of your home.

Composite Decking with Wood-Look Finishes

If you prefer the look of wood but desire low maintenance, The Composite Company's composite decking with wood-look finishes is an ideal choice for traditional homes. Our composite decking mimics the appearance of real wood while offering superior durability and resistance to rot, insects, and fading. Select decking boards with warm wood tones and natural textures to capture the essence of traditional aesthetics.

Coastal and Beachfront Homes

PVC Decking for Moisture Resistance

Coastal and beachfront homes require decking materials that can withstand saltwater, humidity, and harsh weather conditions. The Composite Company's PVC decking is an excellent choice for these environments. PVC decking is highly resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew, making it ideal for coastal settings. Opt for light-colored decking boards to reflect heat and create a cool and inviting outdoor space.

Composite Decking with Coastal-inspired Colors

Embrace the coastal charm with The Composite Company's composite decking options in coastal-inspired colors. Choose decking boards with shades of blues, grays, or sandy tones to evoke a beachy vibe that complements your coastal home's architecture. Consider integrating nautical-themed accessories or railings to further enhance the coastal aesthetic.

Rustic and Log Homes

Natural Wood Decking for Rustic Appeal

Rustic and log homes exude a cozy and natural charm, and The Composite Company's natural wood decking is the perfect choice to complement their aesthetics. Select decking boards made from high-quality hardwood with earthy tones and textured finishes to enhance the rustic appeal. The natural beauty of the wood will create a warm and inviting outdoor space that harmonizes with the rusticambiance of your home.

Composite Decking with Weathered Wood Look

For a low-maintenance option that still captures the rustic charm of log homes, The Composite Company's composite decking with a weathered wood look is an excellent choice. These decking boards emulate the appearance of aged and weathered wood, providing a rustic and time-worn aesthetic. The composite material ensures durability and resistance to the elements, making it ideal for log homes in various climates.

Mediterranean and Tuscan Homes

Terra Cotta Tiles for Mediterranean Elegance

Mediterranean and Tuscan homes are known for their warm colors, terracotta roofs, and earthy aesthetics. To complement these architectural styles, consider The Composite Company's terra cotta tile decking. These composite tiles mimic the look of traditional terracotta tiles, providing an elegant and authentic Mediterranean vibe. The tiles are durable, fade-resistant, and require minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space without extensive upkeep.

Composite Decking with Stone-Look Finishes

Capture the essence of Tuscan charm with The Composite Company's composite decking options featuring stone-look finishes. These decking boards emulate the appearance of natural stone, offering the elegance and durability of stone without the hefty weight and maintenance requirements. Choose decking boards in warm earth tones and textured finishes to enhance the Mediterranean ambiance of your outdoor living area.

Craftsman and Bungalow Homes

Wide Plank Wood Decking for Craftsman Appeal

Craftsman and bungalow homes are characterized by their craftsmanship and attention to detail. The Composite Company's wide plank wood decking perfectly complements the architectural style of these homes. Opt for wide boards with rich wood tones and visible grain patterns to enhance the craftsman appeal. Incorporate traditional design elements, such as built-in benches or planters, to create a cohesive and charming outdoor space.

Composite Decking with Arts and Crafts Aesthetics

For a low-maintenance alternative that still captures the essence of craftsman and bungalow homes, The Composite Company's composite decking with arts and crafts aesthetics is an excellent choice. These decking boards feature intricate details and embossed textures that mimic the craftsmanship of traditional woodwork. Select decking boards with warm and earthy colors to create a deck that seamlessly integrates with the architectural style of your home.


When selecting the best decking style for your home, it's essential to consider the architectural design and create a cohesive look that harmonizes with the overall aesthetics. The Composite Company offers a wide range of decking options to match different architectural styles, whether modern, traditional, coastal, rustic, Mediterranean, or craftsman. By choosing the right decking materials and styles, you can create a stunning outdoor living area that complements the beauty of your home. Contact The Composite Company today to explore our extensive range of decking options and start building the deck that perfectly matches your home's architecture.

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